Car R&D Screen

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This was probably the worst offender in terms of design from the old version. It was jumbled, distracting, and ugly. Too many “shadow” boxes holding data just plopped onto the screen, buttons placed haphazardly, and poor use of space.

This new screen is much sleeker and simpler, with a cool faded “metal” underground garage feel to it, while still making the data front and center. The car generation algorhythm has been tweaked quite a bit as well, to create enough variance to keep things interesting, yet still close enough to your slider settings to make your decisions really matter. The chance of a special “ability”, positive or negative, has been increased slightly too.

Garage Screen

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The Garage screen was one that needed to be reworked, mostly due to the poor use of space and jumbled feel with the previous version. This one definitely has an “old wooden garage” type feel, without overly distracting from the data itself. Space is used in a much more efficient way too.

Also: The white car graphics can be easily changed by replacing the respective .PNG files (cargraphic1 and cargraphic2) in the install folder.

New Screens – Drivers/Crew Chiefs

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Click on pic to see full-size image.

First of all, thank you for all the great support with the poll! 11-0 in favor is a really good sign, indeed!

New screens above for Drivers and Crew Chiefs. You can see a similar basic shape and layout for each, and the info grids have had color and contrast added to them as well to make them less “black and white spreadsheet”-like, but still easily readable. Icons below will be consistent (Help and Back) with tooltips.

What do you guys think?

Main Office Hub Screen

This one took awhile. I always felt like the original screen was just too cluttered and disjointed in terms of design. This one unifies the feel and theme, while still presenting info in a simple to digest way. It symbolizes the gadgets and notes an owner would need to have on hand to run the team on a virtual “desk”.

What do you guys think? Feel free to comment!

A New Beginning?

Hello readers!

This blog will detail the final development stretch, landmarks and thoughts about Redline Ultimate Racing (formerly Finish Line Ultimate Racing). First, a few comments about the road to this point.

There has been much controversy about the delay in the development of the game, and simply put, I had to turn my attention to other projects to help put food on my table and pay our rent/mortgage. My wife does work, but to put all the pressure on her to support us 100% wasn’t fair. I know a few people are upset about the delays, but for those of you who need two people in your household making money to survive, hopefully you’ll understand.

Then, came the issues once I turned my attention back to the game. A plugin developer decided to basically stop updating his stuff, which set me back a few weeks. Then, I examined what I had to this point, and just didn’t really like the way it looked.

Now i’m at a point where I can devote time to this, using the Steam Early Access system. I can make some funds to help me through the process, and get more input about the game and its direction. I’m projecting the game to be $6.99 during Early Access, with a probable bump to $8.99 once it releases.

I can afford to put more energy and production value into the design as well, which you can see above in the screenshot of the new main menu! Note the new logo and the slick new overall look. This will be carried throughout the game.

Today, i’ll be redoing a few other screens, including the main hub, to match the new feel and look more closely.

Comments welcomed about the new screen, or anything else!