Beta 0.88 upcoming!

The 0.88 Beta is pretty much finished, and will go through a brief private beta before moving to Steam Early Access, just to make sure stuff works and all before sending it into the beyond. In the next day or two, i’ll be packaging up an installer and emailing selected people to participate.

If you’re interested and hadn’t emailed me previously, feel free! Shoot an email to: with your Windows version (7, 8, 8.1 or 10), video card, and how much RAM you have and i’ll put you in the drawing pool for possible testing.

NOTES: Game will need 1366×768 resolution as a minimum, 2GB RAM, and Windows 7 or up (Windows 8 or higher preferred really due to some weird rare issues with fonts on Win7 on some systems). I do have automatic screen adjustments for larger system fonts sizes (125% for example instead of 100%) working I think, but rarely Win7 can choke on this a bit.

Thanks and…. gentlemen, start your engines!