Game upcoming on Steam!

Testing on this current version has pretty much finished, with a few small issues being ironed out now and the main screen getting revised a bit more with new icons that change when you mouse over them for a more responsive feel.

Thanks to all who tested the game, and mostly reported balanced and solid results with the simming and the financial side of the game so far.

I’m guessing the game will be released in Early Access in a week or two.

16 thoughts on “Game upcoming on Steam!”

    1. Hopefully…but based on past target dates, I didn’t take “in a week or two” literally. In any event, it would make a nice Christmas gift, so maybe we’ll see it soon.

      1. Probably next week sometime. Just some last minute adjustments and stuff. Decided to add in the ability to save the current game, that way people can test more easily with season progression later on.

    1. Here’s hoping it’s coming soon…would like to try it out during Christmas break. Not having the game ready for delivery via Santa’s virtual sleigh would be a missed opportunity.

  1. Even though I’m excited to try your racing sim out, I would rather have a game that is fully functional and ready to go rather than one that is rushed for release.

    With that being said, do you have an update on your racing game?

    What other products to do you currently have on Steam?



  2. “Pretty much finished”…”guessing the game will be released in a week or two”…”probably next week sometime”…”wanted to avoid the Christmas sale madness”…”should be out in ”

    Good grief, man – enough! Release the darn thing already!

  3. Will the game be early access upon release? Also, I currently have money in my Steam Wallet, can you let me know how much the game will cost? I want to make sure that I don’t over spend.


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