Game submitted to Steam!

The game/Store page has been submitted to Steam! I’m just waiting for Store page and build approval by Steam at this point.

It’ll be in Early Access for a few months for $4.95, then a slight bump after it comes out of EA. It will NOT be vaporware. 🙂

I know it’s been awhile…just had a lot of things going on. The main interface icons have been overhalued a bit to make them a little slicker, and the ‘Save Game’ feature has been implemented now as well.

Thanks for everyone’s patience!

Store page is up! View here:

8 thoughts on “Game submitted to Steam!”

  1. Congrats.

    Just checked out the Steam page and watched the preview video. Added to my watchlist and will purchase when available. Hopefully timing will work in your favor with Daytona right around the corner.

    Good Luck.

    1. According to the store page, it may be included in the full version after a “3-6 month completion cycle” . . . but not for certain as he says “This feature will probably come next in the development.”

      Disappointing as that was a key feature (being able to set up old NASCAR seasons and such) and now who knows if or when we’ll see it. Tired of waiting on this game. I’m out!

      1. Nope, this feature will be included in this version. I stated this to establish what order features would be added on the roadmap.

  2. Thank next need to do is something more like Motorsports manager to actually add the cars while racing to see them and able to watch.That should be great feature to the game if you able to do.I’m considering getting this on my new gaming pc.

  3. Why does this keep getting pushed back every time it’s supposed to be released? First the 8th, then it moved to the 12th. Then today I go on there excited about possibly being able to get the game and it’s now pushed back to the 14th. It’s completely ruined my excitement.

    1. Sorry about that..some last minute bugs plus I won’t be in town tomorrow made the timing bad. This date should be pretty firm now.

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